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Porting of GPS Tracker on our GPS Tracking Server Platform

The use can Port his existing GPS Tracker on our GPS Tracking Server Platform

Supported GPS Trackers and Protocols

GPS Tracker Protocol
TK101 xexun
TK102-2 xexun
TK103-2 xexun
XT009 xexun
XT011 xexun
TK103-2B gps103
TK104 gps103
TK106 gps103
TK201 xexun
TK201-2 xexun
TK202 xexun
TK203 xexun
XT107 xexun
GPS-103 gps103
GPS-103-A gps103
TW-MD1101 gps103
GPS102B gps103
GPS104 gps103
306A gps103
303F gps103
TK-102B gps103
GPS105B gps103
A306 gps103
EC-546 tk103
TT0024 tk103
T1024 tk103
T1080 tk103
T2024 tk103
T2124 tk103
T12 tk103
T4400 tk103
T8800 tk103
T15400 tk103
TK05 tk103
TK10 tk103
TK15 tk103
TK20 tk103
T18 tk103
T18H tk103
T16 tk103
P168 tk103
TK206 tk103
TK207 tk103
GL100 gl100
GL100M gl200
GL200 gl200
GV55 gl200
GV55 Lite gl200
GV65 gl200
GV300N gl200
GV65 Plus gl200
TZ-AVL02 totem
TZ-AVL03 totem
TZ-AVL05 totem
TZ-AVL08 totem
TZ-AVL09 totem
TZ-AVL10 totem
TZ-GT08 totem
TZ-GT09 totem
TZ-VN06 totem
AT03 totem
AT06 totem
AT06+ totem
AT09 totem
TZ-AVL201 totem
Mini MT enfora
Enfora GSM2448 enfora
Enfora MT­4000 enfora
GT30i meiligao
GT60 meiligao
VT300 meiligao
VT310 meiligao
VT400 meiligao
GT30 meiligao
GT30X meiligao
PST-AVL01 meiligao
PT03 meiligao
PT60 meiligao
PT300X meiligao
PT30 meiligao
GT-110P meiligao
GT-110K meiligao
GT-110M meiligao
GT-110ES meiligao
GT-110ZS meiligao
AVL-011 meiligao
VT900 meiligao
P008 meiligao
GT 30 meiligao
CT01 meiligao
CT03 meiligao
CT04 meiligao
CT04-R meiligao
CT04-X meiligao
OCT600 meiligao
MT01 meiligao
MT02 meiligao
PT01 meiligao
PT03 meiligao
VT1000 meiligao
GSY007 meiligao
T200 meiligao
iStartek meiligao
VT310N meiligao
TK228 meiligao
OST800 meiligao
OCT900 meiligao
OCT900-R meiligao
OCT800 meiligao
OCT800-D meiligao
OCT600-CAM meiligao
OCT600-SG3 meiligao
TZ-GT01 meiligao
MT80 meitrack
MT88 meitrack
MT80i meitrack
MT90 meitrack
KT90 meitrack
MVT100 meitrack
MVT340 meitrack
MVT380 meitrack
MVT600 meitrack
T1 meitrack
MVT800 meitrack
T3 meitrack
TC68 meitrack
TC68S meitrack
T322 meitrack
Gelix t55
Gelix-2 t55
GPS-911(M) t55
AVL-900 t55
AVL-900(R) t55
AVL-900(M) t55
AVL-901(B) t55
AVL-901(C) t55
AVL-901(D) t55
AVL-921 t55
CradlePoint IBR600 t55
Cradlepoint IBR1100 t55
Aspicore t55
Tracker for Traccar t55
MultiConnect rCell t55
M2M IP Modem F7114 t55
Datamax t55
MA100-1010 t55
GT200 gl200
GT300 gl200
GT500 gl200
GV200 gl200
PG88 trv
S88 trv
PG22 trv
S22 trv
iStartek trv
VT206 trv
ST200 suntech
ST210 suntech
ST215 suntech
ST215I suntech
ST215E suntech
ST240 suntech
ST230 suntech
ST900 suntech
ST910 suntech
Progress 7s progress
H02 h02
H-02A h02
H-02B h02
TX-2 h02
H-06 h02
H08 h02
GTLT3 h02
NT201 h02
NT202 h02
S31 h02
LK109 h02
LK106 h02
LK208 h02
LK206 h02
LK310 h02
LK206A h02
LK206B h02
MI-G6 h02
CC830 h02
CCTR h02
CCTR-630 h02
AT-18 h02
GRTQ h02
LK210 h02
PT301 h02
VT900 h02
G91S h02
LK209C h02
G-T005 h02
Incutex TK105 h02
RF-V8S h02
CCRT809 h02
AT-1 h02
LK660 h02
JT600 jt600
GP4000 jt600
GP5000 jt600
GP6000 jt600
JT700A jt600
JT700B jt600
JT700C jt600
HB-A5 huabao
V680 v680
P10 v680
HC207 v680
VT810 v680
KS168M v680
HC06A v680
TL201 v680
TK118 v680
PT80 pt502
PT100 pt502
PT201 pt502
PT502 pt502
PT600 pt502
PT510 pt502
AnioSmart­A510 pt502
TR-20 tr20
Signal S-2115 navis
Signal S-2117 navis
CH-4713 navis
CH-5703 navis
TT8750 skypatrol
TT8750+ skypatrol
TT9500 skypatrol
TT9200 skypatrol
TT8850 skypatrol
GSM5108 skypatrol
GT02 gt02
TR02 gt02
GT06 gt06
GT06N gt06
GT09 gt06
Heacent 908 gt06
GT03A gt06
GT03B gt06
GS503 gt06
ET100 gt06
GT100 gt06
GT06D gt06
GK301 gt06
JM01 gt06
JM08 gt06
GT02D gt06
IB-GT102 gt06
CRX1 gt06
JV200 gt06
TP06A gt06
BW08 gt06
TR06 gt06
JI09 gt06
Concox GT300 gt06
WeTrack 2 gt06
GT230 gt06
MT-90 megastek
MT-100 megastek
GPT-69 megastek
GT-89 megastek
GT-99 megastek
XT-007 megastek
GMT-368 megastek
GVT-369 megastek
GVT-390 megastek
GVT-500 megastek
GVT-510 megastek
GMT-368SQ megastek
XT7 megastek
GMT368s megastek
MT60-X megastek
MT-90x megastek
MT-60X megastek
TD230 navigil
uTrace03e navigil
GpsGate gpsgate
FM1100 teltonika
FM1010 teltonika
FM1120 teltonika
FM2100 teltonika
FM2200 teltonika
FM3200 teltonika
FM4100 teltonika
FM4200 teltonika
FM5300 teltonika
GH3000 teltonika
FM3300 teltonika
CT2000E teltonika
Gruz mta6
Personal mta6
ZoomBox mta6
MPU-01 mta6
MTA-02 mta6
MTA-02-CAM mta6
MTA-03 mta6
MTA-12 mta6
TLT-2F tlt2h
V520 tlt2h
TLT-2H tlt2h
TLT-1C tlt2h
V690 tlt2h
VSUN3338 tlt2h
TLT-3A tlt2h
V580 tlt2h
TLT-1B tlt2h
TLT-2K tlt2h
TLT-2N tlt2h
TLT-1F tlt2h
TLT-8A tlt2h
TLT-8B tlt2h
TLT-3A tlt2h
TLT-1D tlt2h
TLT-6C tlt2h
TLT-7B tlt2h
AT-12A tlt2h
MP80 tlt2h
MT510 tlt2h
MT500 tlt2h
MT600 tlt2h
Syrus GPS taip
E-Track taip
Sierra taip
Lantrix taip
WondeX VT300 wondex
WondeX SPT-10 wondex
TK5000 wondex
Navixy M7 wondex
TK5000XL wondex
CelloTrack 6M (IP65) cellocator
CelloTrack IP67 cellocator
CelloTrack XT cellocator
GalileoSky galileo
V-MT001 ywt
V208 ywt
TK102 Clone
IntelliTrac X1 Plus intellitrac
IntelliTrac X8 intellitrac
IntelliTrac P1 intellitrac
GPSMTA gpsmta
Wialon IPS wialon
MasterKit wialon
MasterKit BM8009 wialon
NeoTech TR­1000 wialon
CCTR-620 carscop
CCTR-622 carscop
CCTR-700 carscop
CCTR-800 carscop
CCTR-801 carscop
CCTR-802 carscop
CCTR-803 carscop
CCTR-808 carscop
CCTR-810 carscop
CCTR-620+ carscop
T-104 apel
T-104PRO apel
T-104 GLONASS apel
MP2030A manpower
MP2030B manpower
MP2031A manpower
MP2031B manpower
MP2031C manpower
TR-600 globalsat
TR-600G globalsat
TR-606B globalsat
GTR-128/129 globalsat
TR-206 globalsat
TR-203 globalsat
TR-151 globalsat
TR-151SP globalsat
AT1 atrack
AT1Pro atrack
AT5i atrack
AU5i atrack
AX5 atrack
AY5i atrack
AT3 atrack
AT5 atrack
AU5 atrack
AY5 atrack
AT1 atrack
AX5C atrack
PT3000 pt3000
FM-Pro3-R ruptela
FM-Tco3 ruptela
FM-Pro3 ruptela
FM-Eco3 ruptela
Trailer Tracker ruptela
FM-ECO 4 ruptela
T8803 topflytech
T8801 topflytech
T8901 topflytech
StarFinder AIRE laipac
StarFinder Lite laipac
StarFinder Bus laipac
S911 Lola laipac
S911 Bracelet Locator laipac
S911 Bracelet Locator HC laipac
S911 Bracelet Locator ST laipac
S911 Personal Locator laipac
A9 aplicom
A1 Max aplicom
A1 Trax aplicom
A1 M2M aplicom
A5 GLX aplicom
Aplicom C-series aplicom
Aplicom Q-series aplicom
Omega T600 gotop
TL007 gotop
TL201 gotop
TL206 gotop
TL218 gotop
VT108 gotop
VT1081 gotop
TP-20 gotop
EQT-20 gotop
G-TL-020 gotop
GP106M gotop
PT200 v680
PT350 v680
GC-101 sanav
CT-24 sanav
CT-58 sanav
CT-58A sanav
GX-101 sanav
GS-818 sanav
MT-101 sanav
MU-201 sanav
QG-201 sanav
M588S gator
M528 gator
M508 gator
M518 gator
M588N gator
S208 gator
S228 gator
M518S gator
NR002 noran
NR006 noran
NR008 noran
NR016 noran
NR024 noran
NR028 noran
NR032 noran
UT01 noran
UM02 noran
UT04 noran
UT03 noran
UT05 noran
UT06 noran
UP102 noran
M2M-Mini m2m
OsmAnd osmand
SendLocation osmand
Locus Pro Android osmand
Custodium osmand
Traccar Client osmand
ET-01 easytrack
ET-06 easytrack
KG100 khd
KG200 khd
KG300 khd
KC200 khd
T360-101A khd
T360-101P khd
T360-101E khd
T360-103 khd
T360-106 khd
T360-108 khd
T360-269 khd
T360-269B khd
T360-269JT khd
VT600 khd
VT600X khd
VT800 khd
AL900 khd
VT900X khd
AL-900E khd
Piligrim PL250 piligrim
Piligrim 6000N piligrim
Piligrim Patrol piligrim
Piligrim Stealth piligrim
Piligrim Tracker-6000 piligrim
STL060 stl060
iTrackPro cartrack
MiniFinder Pico minifinder
EV­07 minifinder
EV­07P minifinder
MiniFinder Atto minifinder
EV-601 minifinder
EV-602 minifinder
EV-603 minifinder
EV-606 minifinder
EV­07P minifinder
GPS668 minifinder
SaR-mini minifinder
TE-207 minifinder
TE200 minifinder
HI-605X haicom
HI-604X haicom
HI-603X haicom
HI-602X haicom
HI-602 haicom
HI-603 haicom
HI-604 haicom
GOT10 eelink
TK116 eelink
TK115 eelink
GOT08 eelink
GPT06 eelink
K9+ eelink
K6 eelink
TK119-W eelink
BOXoptions+ box
BOXtracker box
BOXsolo box
BOX iSpot box
Freedom PT-9 freedom
Freedom PT-10 freedom
Telic SBC-AVL telic
Telic SBC3 telic
SBC3 telic
Picotrack telic
Picotrack IP69 K telic
Picotrack Endurance Primary telic
Picotrack Endurance Rechargeable telic
Trackbox trackbox
84 VT visiontek
86 VT visiontek
Orion ET-100 orion
Orion OBDtrac orion
BD-2012 orion
BD-3112 orion
SLS-00886 riti
SLS-012SF riti
TYN­886 riti
T370 ulbotech
T360 ulbotech
T303 ulbotech
T301 ulbotech
T376 ulbotech
T373B ulbotech
T373A ulbotech
T371 ulbotech
T366 ulbotech
T363B ulbotech
T363A ulbotech
T361 ulbotech
T23 tramigo
TR-900 tr900
NEO1 tr900
NEO2 tr900
Ardi 01 ardi01
XT013 xt013
AutoFon D autofon
AutoFon SE autofon
AutoFon SE+ autofon
StarLine M10 autofon
StarLine M11 autofon
StarLine M16 autofon
StarLine M17 autofon
G3A gosafe
G3S gosafe
G6S gosafe
G1S gosafe
G737 gosafe
G2P gosafe
G717 gosafe
G777 gosafe
G91I gosafe
G79 gosafe
G797 gosafe
G797W gosafe
GS16 gosafe
BCE FM Light bce
BCE FM Light+ bce
BCE FM Blue bce
BCE FM Blue+ bce
XT-2000G xirgo
XT-2060G xirgo
XT-2050C xirgo
XT-2150 xirgo
XT-2150G xirgo
XT-2160G xirgo
XT-2150C xirgo
XT-3200 xirgo
XT-4500G xirgo
XT-4560G xirgo
XT-4550C xirgo
XT-4700 xirgo
XT-4760 xirgo
XT-4750C xirgo
XT-4860G xirgo
XT-4850C xirgo
XT-5000 xirgo
XT-5060 xirgo
XT-5050C xirgo
XT-6200 xirgo
XT-6260 xirgo
ST7200 xirgo
ATU-620 calamp
LMU-1100 Series calamp
TTU-700 Series calamp
TTU-1200 Series calamp
TTU-2820 Series calamp
LMU-200 Series calamp
LMU-300 Series calamp
LMU-328 calamp
LMU-400 Series calamp
LMU-700 Series calamp
LMU-800 Series calamp
LMU-900 Series calamp
LMU-1100 Series calamp
LMU-1200 Series calamp
LMU-2000 Series calamp
LMU-2100 Series calamp
LMU-2600 Series calamp
LMU-2620 calamp
LMU-2700 Series calamp
LMU-2720 calamp
LMU-3030 calamp
LMU-4200 Series calamp
LMU-4520 Series calamp
LMU-5000 Series calamp
MDT-7 calamp
MTX-Tunnel GPS mtx
DS520 tytan
DS530 tytan
DS540 tytan
TZ-AVL301 avl301
IDD-213G castel
IDD-212GL castel
IDD-212B castel
IDD-213T castel
IDD-213N/E castel
IDD-218G castel
HT-196R castel
HT-192 castel
MPIP-618 castel
MPIP-619 castel
MPIP-620 castel
PT-718 castel
PT-690 castel
SAT-802 castel
MXT-142 mxt
MTC-700 mxt
MTC-780 mxt
MXT-140 mxt
MXT-141 mxt
IDP-780 mxt
MXT-100 mxt
MX-100 mxt
TD-50 mxt
WT-110 mxt
TD-60 mxt
G-100 mxt
i-MXT mxt
TZ-AVL19 tzone
GPS Marker M130 gpsmarker
GPS Marker M80 gpsmarker
GPS Marker M70 gpsmarker
GPS Marker M100 gpsmarker
GPS Marker M60 gpsmarker
Cityeasy 520 cityeasy
Cityeasy 009 cityeasy
Cityeasy 006 cityeasy
Cityeasy 007 cityeasy
Cityeasy 202 cityeasy
Cityeasy 306 cityeasy
Cityeasy 100 cityeasy
Cityeasy 200 cityeasy
Cityeasy 302 cityeasy
Cityeasy 008 cityeasy
Cityeasy 201 cityeasy
S101+ aquila
S101 aquila
U101V1+ aquila
U101 aquila
U101v1 aquila
MeSafe aquila
Stay Safe aquila
Lommy Pro flextrack
Lommy Personal flextrack
Lommy Eye flextrack
BlackKite Fleet blackkite
BK-FLT-P1 blackkite
ADM100 adm
ADM101 adm
ADM300 adm
ADM700 adm
ADM700 3G adm
ADM703 3G adm
ADM710 adm
JM09 watch
A9 GPS tracker watch
T8S watch
T8808 t800x
T8803 PRO t800x
T8806 t800x
T8805 t800x
T8603 t800x
T800X t800x
T880X t800x
U-Pro mini upro
AURO Comfort 1060 auro
Disha 9310 disha
Disha 9320 disha
Disha 9330 disha
TD 300 disha
VT100 thinkrace
PathAway pathaway
PathAway pathaway
ARNAVI arnavi
Kenji KJ-8501 kenji
AT200 astra
Homtecs H20 homtecs
Fox Easy AVL fox
Fox Lite AVL fox
Fox Advanced AVL fox
GNX-2 gnx
GNX-3 gnx
RX-9 arknav
RX-8W arknav
RV-8 arknav
R-9PRO arknav
R-9W arknav
IR-7 arknav
CT-X8 arknav
AT-5000 arknav
AT-04 arknav
AT-9000 arknav
DX-3 arknav
Supermate D-series supermate
D11 supermate
Appello 4P appello
IDPL idpl
HS-500P huasheng
HS-300V huasheng
HS-400 huasheng
HS-1200 huasheng
HS-3000G huasheng
HS-800W huasheng
HS-2000C huasheng
HS-2000G huasheng
L100 granit
Granit Navigator 4 granit
Granit Navigator 5 granit
CR2000 carcell
CR250 carcell
RV-M7 raveon
CradlePoint cradlepoint
Arknav CT-X8 arknavx8
AutoGrade autograde
AR-2GM oigo
AR-3HU oigo
AR-2CX oigo
JP-KORJAR jpkorjar
cGuard Personal cguard
cGuard Atom cguard
cGuard OBD cguard
cGuard Litom cguard
cGuard Beacon cguard
Fifotrack fifotrack
A100 fifotrack
A200 fifotrack
A300 fifotrack
Q1 fifotrack
ET800E extremtrac
TrakMate trakmate
AT2000 at2000
Maestro MT-01 maestro
GT-30 gt30
TrackMiGaddi tmg
TMG188 tmg
TC85D pretrace
TC56 pretrace
TC55 pretrace
TC80 pretrace
TC85 pretrace
Pricol pricol