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GPS Tracker for tracking of Railways trolley

Indian railways board has decided to made it mandatory to have GPS Tracker for tracking of Railways trolley.

Due to rise in accident in recent years, this positive step is taken by Indian Railways.

The order issued after train derailment incidents in August 2017 which saw the exit of Suresh Prabhu as the railway minister in the Cabinet reshuffle last Sunday.

“The board has decided that all push trolleys should be numbered and installed with GPS trackers for effective monitoring of safety inspections of track and that the installation should be completed within one month period,” the letter said.

The letter also stated that a computer, dedicated to keep record of the tracking system, will be installed at divisional engineering controls.

Indian Railways will use GPS technology as GPS Tracker for tracking of Railways trolley which will help in tracking railways trolleys in realtime basis.

GPS Trackers are use to track any object. The device to be used in India Railways will be battery powered and expected to have battery backup of 8 to 12 Hours.

Small in size

This is one of the smallest tracker with good battery backup.

Asset Tracking

This solution is equally suitable for asset tracking like your luggage, commercial goods, high precious equipment.


You can tag you location on GPS Tracker and get instant alerts in case your tracker moves in or our of this fence.

GPS Tracker is a powerful GSM/GPS tracker manufactured specially for children / elderly / security personnel / Luggage / Domestic Pets. Its highly sensitivity GPS receiver help tracking very accurate. Apart from tracking, GPS Tracker has many functionalities like emergency button, two way calling, geo-fencing alert, low battery alert and etc.

Multiple functionality

This tracker has functionality like Two way calling, SOS button / Emergency Button, Listen-in functionality, Geo-fencing alert, Vibration alert, Over-speeding alert, Distance run, halt position and halt time.