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GPS Car Security System

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Realtime Tracking

Track and monitor your stolen car using our GPS Car Security System. It’s live and realtime tracking.

Stop Vehicle by SMS

You can switch off the ignition of vehicle by just sending a SMS using our GPS Car Security System

Track on the move

Using our GPS Car Security System, track and control vehicle from your mobile or tablet itself. No need of computer or laptop.


Geofence Alert

You can set geofence and get instant alert in case your vehicle goes out of this fence in our GPS Car Security System


GPS Car Security System

We provide one of the best GPS Car Security System in market.

Our GPS Car Security System make use of GPS satellite positioning technology to record a vehicle’s movements in real-time. The Vehicle tracking system uses the GPS satellite system through a multi channel GPS receiver to track a vehicle’s movements, and transmits that information in a compressed format over the GSM and GPRS network.Vehicle tracking information is then made available to the user over the Internet from our web server. This GPS Car Security System makes vehicle recover very easy and quick.

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Features of our GPS Car Security System

Replay History

You can replay the previous data log. It will give you minute by minute activity of your vehicle in animated form in our GPS Car Security System

Add Point of Interest

The user can add many Point-of-Interests on map and add text information as well as visual information on those POIs.

Speed Graph

Speed variation of the vehicles can be viewed and analyzed on Graph in our GPS Car Security System

AJAX based Map Engine

Our Map Engine is Javascript and AJAX based. It perform zooming and panning without reloading of the page.

Geo fencing

GPS Car Security System provide you instant alerts on geofences like arrive or depart.

Periodic e-mail of reports

The various reports can be automatically be emailed on periodically in GPS Car Security System.

MIS Reports

You get Detailed Journey Report, Summary Report, Over-speeding Report, Trip Report, Vehicle Utilization Report and etc.

Fleet Information System

GPS Car Security System comprises all the information of vehicles and drivers including Driver management system where data of drivers can be feed and managed.

Keep on tracking

Our GPS Car Security System keep track on the movement of vehicles all the time. It records the complete route taken by your vehicle. We store the data for you at secured server and whenever you want, you can see on map and take the reports.

A complete Car Security System

Undoubtedly this one is the best car security system out in market. From location information to controlling your car, everything is there for you. Now don’t need to think twice while parking your car anywhere.

Mobile and Tablet friendly

Our GPS Car Security System has native applications for Android and iOS devices that facilitate user to have tracking of their vehicle on their mobile and tablets. If you don’t have smartphone, then please don’t get disappointed, we have SMS facility in which we send periodic location alerts to our valuable customers. Even we have mobile firiendly website where you can track you vehicle without installing any mobile software in our GPS Car Security System.

Group Tracking

Now locate all your vehicle at a time in our GPS Car Security System. No matter you have 1 vehicle or 100. It is very helpful feature if you have large number of fleets. Apart from it, we also have various group reporting system where you get various MIS reports of all your vehicle at a time. Its a hasslefree task now for large fleet owners.

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Cars are expensive. Other than a house, perhaps, few purchases we make will compare to a new car. And just like any other expensive asset, a car brings with it a secondary cost — the risk of theft. In some laid-back parts of the world, locking the doors may be enough to ward off the threat. Everywhere else, it’s a good idea to arm yourself — and your car — with some security.

We have one of the best car security system which is bundled with a lot of features that will be helpful for car security.

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