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Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System

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Realtime Tracking

Now you can track your bike in Real-time and live using our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System


Distance Log

Our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System gives you accurate distance log of your two wheeler.

Track on the move

Thanks to our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System, you can track your bike from your mobile or tablet.


Tons of report

We believe on data statistics. Our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System provide you lot of MIS reports.

Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System

Our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System is a latest for the GPS tracking of Bikes and Two Wheelers.

Tracking field staff
Are you worry about the fuel expenses of your field or marketing staff. Then our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System will be answers to all your worries. We provide you accurate and timely distance log of your company bikes from our Bike Tracker, Bike Tracking System.

Bike safety and theft recovery
With more and more bikes coming on the road, the bike theft cases are also increasing with this. Secure your bikes from our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System.

Very compact in size
We have most compact and small trackers those easily get fitted in bikes. It can be easily hide anywhere in bikes.

Most energy efficient
Our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System is most energy efficient because we understand that the battery capacity of the bikes are very less as compare to car or truck batteries. Keeping in mind that we has designed most less powered Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System.

Designed for India
Our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System is well tested on all part of Indian. That is why our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System is designed and programmed to work perfectly in all weather conditions of India.

Warranty and Support
we provide you 1 year warranty and onsite support for your assistance.
We can assure that our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System does not require any warranty and support. The only reason is that our fault ratio is less than 1%. Each pieces are thoroughly checked and tested in our plant to provide you a perfect product.

International Standards
Our Bike Tracker, Two Wheeler Tracking System meets International standards with very cost effective solution.

What you will get

  • Location in real time
  • Speed
  • Movement Direction of the moving bike
  • Distance Log
  • Halt
  • Trip report
  • History log
  • Trip replay


Replay History

You can replay the previous data log. It will give you minute by minute activity of your vehicle in animated form.

Add Point of Interest

The user can add many Point-of-Interests on map and add text information as well as visual information on those POIs.

Speed Graph

The safety has always been a cause of concern so speed variation of the vehicles can be viewed and analyzed on Graph.

AJAX based Map Engine

Our Map Engine is Javascript and AJAX based. It perform zooming and panning without reloading of the page.

Geo fencing

The Email/SMS alerts can be send on events generated based on geofences like arrive, depart, excess halt time or etc.

Periodic e-mail of reports

The various reports can be automatically be emailed on periodically in different formats like HTML, XML, KML, CSV, XLS and etc.

MIS Reports

You get Detailed Journey Report, Summary Report, Over-speeding Report, Trip Report, Vehicle Utilization Report and etc.

Fleet Information System

It comprises all the information of vehicles and drivers including Driver management system where data of drivers can be feed and managed.

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GPS Bike Tracking System Delhi Indore Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Kolkatta Bihar Bhopal Hyderabad Gujarat:
Our Products include GPS Bike Tracking System, Bike Alarms sms alert, Bike Location Locator the widest range of high quality security systems and GPS accessories for your bike.
However if you do not have a reliable system to monitor and know where the your location locator via gps bike tracker device. The Bike Tracker is the perfect solution to monitor your motorcycles at all times. As GPS tracking technology becomes more highly and widespread supportable, more and many people are able to use various GPS tracking devices to track the positions of a lot of things – even all.
Stolen Bike :
Here are small GPS Tracking devices for bikes that can help you track your bicycle or bike , and ease the process of recovering a stolen bicycle in an unfortunately theft situation.
GPS Bike device is a tracking solution for your bike that allows you to broadcast your best ride, as well as monitoring it’s location locators in times of theft. Once you have attached the device to your bike, devices becomes a GPS signal that can alert you in the case that your bike has been tampered with, as well as track your own bike’s or personal location on a map of anywhere. Almost, GPS Bike Tracker gives you the ability to track and share data about your ride like location summary and speed average and stoppage report and sms alert , as well as alert loved ones in case of a crash. Bike gps device is a covert GPS tracker for your bike that alerts you in times of theft, and begins tracking if your bike is stolen. Simply gps device when you track your bike, and if your bike begins moving without disarming the device, then bike gps will alert you via text message, and will begin tracking the location of the bike. The device will not sleep when the bike is not moving, our devices will giving you all time report stoppage report showing that how much time your bike standing on any place.
Revolutionizing motorcycle security.
Bike Tracker is a small GPS, GPRS, GSM & RF tracking device that once fitted to your bike, lets you see where it is through a secure website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or months! In addition to alerting you if your bike is stolen, Bike Tracker will alert family and friends if you fall off; will alert you if your bike’s battery charge drops; and will let you look back at and share your journeys.
see where your bike is any time.
Does not matter where you are in the world, or what time of the day or night, you can log in into your own secure online tracking site and see where your bike is – as shown in the Google map above and you can download all report of your bike locality .