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What is GPS vehicle tracking system

What is GPS vehicle tracking system?

What is a GPS Vehicle Tracking Device ?
A GPS tracking Device is a device that uses the GPS (Global Positioning System, a satellite based technology) to determine the position or location of a any car, truck, bike, person or other asset or material and it record the position of it all the time. These position records are then forwarded to a our server / website using GPRS connectivity. Then all the record can be seen in real-time on computer, laptop or any mobile phone / tablet..

What is Automatic vehicle location Device (AVLD) ?
Automatic vehicle location Device (AVLD) enables one to locate any vehicle through internet in seconds and minutes and protect one’s remotely placed asset or in other words can say that it enables operators to monitor their vehicles.

Who Should you use Vehicle Tracking System ?
Tracking, monitoring and managing the remote assets are crucial for anybody dealing with the services, delivery or transport vehicles. This Technology helps in supporting these functionalities from remote locations and update the managers with the latest information of their mobile assets.

Vehicle Tracking In India ?
Vehicle tracking system (VTS) or Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) is now one of the most popular technological changes in all over the world that is going to make our personal and business life lot easier. As the term suggests, it enables one to track or monitor the location of vehicle in instant time. Primarily, the system functions with the help of different technologies like the Global Positioning System (GPS), traditional cellular network such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and other radio frequency medium. But GPS is more effective and accurate in this field. As far as vehicle tracking in India is concerned, its uses in market are so many that one cannot even imagine.

Vehicle Tracking ?
If your vehicle goes to the road, anything can happen to the vehicle; it may meet some unwanted accident or may be theft. So, it is very necessary to track your vehicle. Keep track on the status and exact location of vehicle carrying valuable goods at anytime and anywhere is essential for both personal as well as business purpose. You can track your vehicle by calling to the driver over mobile phone but this not convenient as your driver might give you false information. So, at any time you won’t be 100% sure about the location and status of the vehicle. Here, various vehicle-tracking technologies based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency medium can track your vehicle location in real-time and provide better control over your assets.

Car Theft Prevention using Vehicle Tracking System
As India is emerging as an economically powerful country, most of the people can afford cars. This shows the power of the country but like double-edged sword this development in other hand, has given rise to a most jeopardizing crime that is cars theft. By using a GPS Vehicle Tracking System you can always have peace of mind wherever your car is you get to know what is the status.

Fleet Management

Through more than 10 years of industry innovation and leadership, Rilapp has reshaped the way companies manage their car and truck fleets. Our portfolio of automotive fleet management services, programs and resources is among the most comprehensive and robust in the marketplace, covering every phase of vehicle fleet management. From our expansive portfolio, we configure strategic fleet and company solutions in partnership with each individual client.

Applying our expertise to the toughest fleet challenges of today, we craft solutions that deliver best practices performance over the full fleet lifecycle, creating long-term customer value and creating long-term customers for us. All our services and solutions—in fact, everything we do— underscores our total commitment to client satisfaction and success through managed fleet efficiency and cost control.

Outsourced Maintenance & Repair

Fleets that don’t enforce PM schedules, repair vehicle damage, halt repair shop overcharges, or cash in on available rebates and discounts, lose out on savings that lower the cost of maintenance dramatically. We puts clients in control and creates savings averaging 10%-25%.

In-house Garage Maintenance

We provide solutions for in-house garage facilities to ensure cost-quality-consistency ratios that could otherwise turn vehicles into expensive liabilities that put success at risk.


Compliance has moved to the top of management’s priority list; a dramatic shift forced by heightened safety consciousness, the environment, corporate ethics and privacy.


It seems like only yesterday that “going green” was a social decision tied to good public relations. Now fleets don’t have a choice. Reducing emissions is mandatory and expensive. Non-compliance can result in fines and downtime.

Mobile Communication

Rilapp embraces technology as a way to provide even greater flexibility to vehicle fleet management services. Our mobile versions of our insights and other driver tools allow fleet administrators and drivers to view important information, access fleet services, or communicate with our representative anywhere, any time.